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Remodeling in Redding, CT 06896

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The town of Redding has many old, beautiful buildings dating back hundreds of years. Maintaining and repairing these old homes requires the knowledge and experience of years of home improvement and remodeling. Patrick Daignault Remodeling has done extensive work on everything from old colonial homes to brand new, modern houses.

From upgrading the exterior of your home to better protect against the elements, to fixing the creaky floorboard in your living room, Patrick Daignault Remodeling treats every job with the same level of professionalism and expertise, and with that, we ensure your satisfaction in the renovations you desire.

Historic Whole Home Remodel with Addition in Redding, CT 06896

This whole home remodel was completed in a historic home in Redding, Connecticut. Being that this home was built in 1790, Patrick Daignault Remodeling took extra special precautions in this home restoration. On top of that, we added a whole new addition from the ground up.

PD Remodels restored this historic home inside and out and created a beautiful new addition that will last as long as this house has!